The story of discreet northern luxury

Amanjeda Group operates in the luxury products sector, creating items and services of uncompromising quality. AMANJEDA by Katrin Kuldma is offering full lines of designer clothing for men and women. AMANJEDA Home is the line of interior elements.

Art of handcrafted traditions and love for excellence, local heritage and international inspirations have shaped Amanjeda to a unique lifestyle concept with superlative quality and northern warmth at a time.

Amanjeda brand stands for entrepreneurial philosophy of Slow Movement, Humanistic Capitalism and Sustainable Luxury. In the centre stage are high level craftsmanship and traditional know-how, business goals and human needs.

Amanjeda is committed to a sustainable growth in compliance with the eco-system. This includes showing respect for society, both locally and globally. The company invests in lowering the environmental impact of its working methods, asking the same commitment from its suppliers. Amanjeda looks after the health of its employees by preserving the safety of the environments where they work and always reviving the level of job satisfaction. Each style signed by Amanjeda carries with it the unconditional engagement to doing business in the most ethically-correct way, respecting laws, consumers, employees and nature.

Key points

  • Innovative solutions for office pods (modular spaces)

  • Contemporary design and unparalleled quality

  • A wide range of solutions for different needs

Ms. Katrin Kuldma

+372 501 3797