Antegenes is a biotech and healthcare company with innovative products and solutions for broader integration of genetics into healthcare. Antegenes has worked and is working out and implementing innovative polygenic risk prediction tests and their clinical implementation models for major complex diseases (cancer, cardiovascular diseases, etc.) to enable personalized prevention measures and programs. Antegenes’ products are created scientifically with laboratory and clinical validity and clinical usefulness, which makes these usable in healthcare by a broad range of healthcare professionals and institutions.

Antegenes' value propositions:

Better health and longer life for people empowering individuals, medical professionals and public health organizations in using genetics for personal and public health activities. 


Personalized prevention programs using genetic testing for predisposition of common serious diseases enable implementation of more precise screening programs for early detection of diseases and also implementation of preventive measures for high-risk individuals. Reduction of morbidity and mortality of common complex diseases creates value also in population health level lowering costs of healthcare expenditures.


Antegenes is aimed to reduce premature mortality from most common complex diseases in the developed world.

Peeter Padrik, MD, PhD

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