Click & Grow

Indoor herb gardens

Click & Grow is the leading innovator and producer of zero-effort electronic indoor gardens that grow plants without the need for manual watering and fertilizing. The company’s smart technology controls all the things plants need to thrive, the exact amount of water, light, fertilizer, and air, according to each plant’s need.

Click & Grow’s meticulously developed and patented growth medium Smart Soil enables users to grow fresh herbs, vegetables, leafy greens, and fruits any time of the year all around the world. Plants grown with Click & Grow are super fresh, free of harmful chemicals, and pack more vitamins and healthy bioactive com- pounds than traditionally grown food.

Key points

  • Most effortless indoor food growing solutions of various sizes on the market 

  • Sustainable way of making clean, vitamin-rich food affordable and available anywhere 

  • Suitable for homes, offices, schools, and hospitals

  • 95% less water used, 200% more antioxidants, no food kilometers, no food waste

Mr. Mattias Lepp

+372 50 70 411