The Estonian Digital Construction Cluster

Solutions for the entire construction life-cycle

The Digital Construction Cluster focuses on the value chain of the entire construction lifespan – from design to utilization. Strategically the objective is to develop an innovative digital construction environment that includes the entire construction lifecycle, along with data-based services and VDCM products, thereby significantly increasing the revenues and competitiveness of the industry.

The cluster is focused on the development of knowledge-based construction, whereby the common goal of the construction sector would be to increase added value; with the technical equivalent being resources, incl. the reduction of energy costs per unit of production.

Based thereon, the specific goals include:

  • development of the market for intelligent construction solutions;

  • greater digitalization and automation of construction activities.

Our cluster partners in EXPO 2020 Dubai are:

Projekt Kuubis
Our core competences are diginative schools and offices. People spend almost 90% of their time indoors. We think that is a lot. That is why it is important to us that each space and building will make you feel good. We design homes that feel like home. Schools and offices that bring joy. 

We oversee the entire project cycle from initial client consultancy to design, planning and execution. We focus on people, creating an inspiring environment involving end-users to the design process to ensure the best result.


role model in road design. We create road x highway designs and provide technical consultation. Our effective design process and environmentally sustainable project designs help infrastructure stakeholders to rduce the use of Resources therefore save natuure, time and money. 



Iffent is a platform which assembles building design teams (architects, engineers) and gives an instant price for the job. Iffent is for both the client to be able to assemble a building design team and at the same time allows the designers to work as freelancers. Iffent brings together the customer, project manager and designers with the necessary competencies at the right time. Our platform offers a potential team of people (freelancers), based on their suitability and competence, and replaces the administrative part (quotation and team building) of a traditional design office. Thanks to that we can lover the building project price by 40%!


3Di is a startup initiative popped-up from an ordinary survey company. We have 
come to an acknowledgement that the existing business model is subject to transformation from survey business to data business.



The best user experience of a building throughout its life cycle. Architects, engineers and consultants on common BIM platform.

The Cloud Solution for Lean Offsite Construction. Production planning and execution to enhance productivity and processes for offsite construction.

Mrs. Merylin Rüütli

+372 52 08 263

Our cluster partners in EXPO 2020 Dubai are: