e-Estonia Pavilion

the story of e-Estonia for all senses

Estonia’s pavilion, a bright blue cube, is located near the epicentre of EXPO, a few steps away from Al Wasl Plaza. Designed by the award-winning KOKO/MOTOR architecture team, the pavilion will make digital Estonia visual and tangible to all visitors.


The outside design is a bright blue textile wrap with accents like meteorite flight trajectories, that fly up the sides of the pavilion like unicorns. Luminophore tubes in the shape of e-Estonia’s main messages enhance the façade.

The first floor of the pavilion is open to all visitors – a universe filled with blue light, the focal point being an installation of 400 blue balls hanging from the ceiling at different heights.

The balls reflect endlessly on the mirrored walls creating a sensation of infinity, symbolising Estonia’s scalable and indefinitely expandable digital services.

On the floor there’s a path for the visitor to follow and discover Estonia on the screens on the walls. The AI-trained ExpoBot by Alpha Blues on a digital screen can answer most questions about Estonia. A chat version of the ExpoBot is also available online in any language of the world.


exhibits in action

Having completed the discovery path, the visitor reaches the Taste of Estonia Café. KOKO/MOTOR has designed the simple Nordic interior that is part of the exhibition, as partner companies will present their products “in action”.

ETS NORD has created the core of the café – a sophisticated air-cleaning technology will eliminate all smells and grease in the kitchen.  The furniture has been created by Standard, an experienced company that specialises in hospitality furnishings and is regarded for its high-quality woodwork. The dining space stretches along a natural clay wall by UKU – Pure Earth that incorporates the signature patterns of the EXPO design. 

The Christmas tree by Adamlights that has been exhibited in Canary Wharf and near Tower Bridge in London will serve as a photo point of the pavilion creating the atmosphere of the Nordic winter.

An AI-powered robot bartender called Yanu will be offering a glimpse into the future of busy venues, a contact-less bar in action and will also be serving refreshing drinks from Liviko, one of the largest Baltic companies dealing with quality beverages and also producing Estonia`s signature liqueur Vana Tallinn. 

To escape the bustle of EXPO, visitors can relax in Silen’s Mind Spa that has come to life in cooperation with Synctuition – a six-minute-long sound experience in a comfortable recliner that will calm the senses. Silen’s modular spaces have become popular in modern open offices as a way to boost creativity and productivity. Here the booth fills a recreational function.


rooms for events and meetings

The second floor is dedicated to business activities and can be entered by appointment and for special events. The Nortal conference room has space for around 50 people. The business expo hall introduces participating companies on digital displays. Two Silen silent work pods can be used for meetings. As a special treat, guests on the business floor can enjoy the supreme sound quality of Estelon loudspeakers that combine excellent engineering and grand design. Tallink – the biggest ferry operator on the Baltic Sea offers a branded lounge for business meetings. The online payment service Pay RND is hosting a smaller meeting lounge.

The classroom of the future created by the leading Estonian furniture manufacturer Standard will demonstrate how classrooms will look in the future. This will be used as a multifunctional workspace to include the Estonian Pavilion’s office as well as a venue for workshops and seminars.

The Estonian Pavilion will have an afterlife beyond the EXPO with retail space on the ground floor and offices on the first floor as ongoing usage of the EXPO buildings has been a core plan of the EXPO Dubai concept.