Education Estonia

Smart solutions for education innovation

Estonia has become a successful role model in education worldwide. According to PISA 2018 Estonian general education is 1st in Europe and among the best in the world. 


Education Estonia is an initiative for international education cooperation initiated by the Government of Estonia. We are eager to share our know-how and offer innovative solutions created by Estonian companies that help advance your education system. 


Estonia has one the highest number of start-ups per capita, which includes brilliant EdTech companies reshaping the education scene. We are an education nation, while also being a digital nation. How has Estonia become such an exemplary digital society, and a “unicorn-factory”? The secret lies in the digital focus: 99% of public services are online in Estonia.


We also embrace the possibilities of technology throughout the education system. Get a sight of future education - with a smart classroom and the best EdTech solutions from Estonia.

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