Furus Luxury Boats

Custom made speedboats

Furus Luxury Boats is a company built on elegance, precision & traditions. Those qualities run in our veins and therefore are the pivotal values of our products.

Our hand-made mahogany speedboats represent and unite boat building experiences from Scandinavia and Estonia. This union forms uncompromising quality and that will make our boats last for generations.

In creating Furus’ boats, we have tried to answer the question - how should an elegant and luxurious speedboat look and feel like. Do you value the elegant design of a mahogany speedboat and a luxury interior, then a Furus Classic, a Furus Coupe or a Furus Electric is exactly what you are looking for!

Key points

  • Quality & precision

  • Scandinavian and Estonian building traditions

  • Elegant mahogany speedboats

Mr. Indrek Pähnapuu


+372 50 58 091