Global Virtual Solutions

Global Virtual Solutions enables companies to create memorable and unique virtual experiences. Hosting virtual events allows you to stay connected to your communities in various locations - it lets you welcome a wide audience, even the entire world in one combined virtual meeting place. We will help you set objectives for your event, creating the content and briefing all stakeholders, as well as producing PR materials and streamline event follow-up. To date, we have brought together audiences to high-level virtual meetings from 151 countries.

We unite together the best and most innovative tools in the world for organizing your event. A hybrid event studio set- up with unique and elaborate stage design and entertaining show format specially made for these uncertain times. We offer multi-level engagement, where virtual tools allow participants to vote and ask questions, have one-to-one conversations, be creative through drawing and mind mapping, and have an overview of the event schedule via an app etc.

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Mr. Lehari Kaustel

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