Virtual queueing and just-in-time arrival systems for borders, terminals and attractions

GoSwift provides remote pre-registration and virtual queueing for people and vehicles who want to cross the border. Data will be collected in advance, including person’s health and travel details. The company provides also just-in-time access and gate automatization to ports and cargo terminals.

During and after the Covid-19 crisis, there is a need to have better control over people’s cross-border and in-country movements. Even if a country becomes virus-free, there is a high risk that the Corona virus will come back into the country. States are depending on each other, especially neighbouring ones. Goods and people are moving across borders daily, with the risk of spreading the virus. GoSwift reduces virus movements across coutry borders. EXPO visitors can see more pavillions per day, per visit, as they don’t need to waste time in a physical queue.

Key points


  • With Smart Border Crossing government will get data collection and risk analysis tools to fight against terrorism and viruses.

  • Border crossings and visits to the EXPO will be smooth and organized because of remote registration and virtual queueing.

  • Schedulling increases convinience and optimises the use of time in many ways.

Mr. Madis Sassiad

+372 50 88 546