Mobi Lab

Augmented Reality Solutions for Sales

In Mobi Lab, we make Robots talk to humans. That means we make technologies from your business accessible to your people.


Our mission is based on three important principles:


  • We are all about mobility. The pandemic has transformed certain business models and what is made clear is that to connect with your clients, you have got to be mobile. We’ve been in the industry for over 19 years and have helped businesses with mobility in 14 different countries.

  • The experience. When building digital products for people on the move where the environment is continuously changing, designing a good user experience is essential to make access to complex technologies easy.

  • We add value. Our team of 33 experts of UX/UI designers, software engineers, and product managers helps companies increase revenue by engaging or retaining their customer base thanks to digital mobile support or decrease internal costs by improving their workforce performance with mobile solutions.


For example, to reduce internal costs on shipping, we build this augmented reality sales tool for companies who need to ship big expensive products to reassure their customers that they will fit well on their premises.



  • An augmented reality sales tool

  • life-like 3D copies of the real products

  • designed for mobility

  • supports remote sales