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Test in EST!

How can you be sure that people like your new product or digital service? Be smart - test-launch it in Estonia before taking big risks in large markets!


Why Estonia?


Fast trials and painless process - you can register a new company in less than 4 hours! Foreigners can start, set up & run business operations virtually, without ever stepping on Estonian ground. Digitally savvy Estonians are true early adopters, eager to try new products.

Valuable feedback - as modern digital natives, Estonians give mission-critical feedback, especially on digital products. Different launch messages can be tested on the whole miniature population.

Low costs and risks - logistical and media costs are far lower than in most western European coun- tries. In case of substantial negative feedback, it only effects your launch in a really small language space without impacting future launches in bigger ones.


The process


  • Soft launch in Estonia

  • Study customer feedback on product & launch campaign

  • Make necessary changes

  • Congratulations! Your product is ready to launch anywhere.

Mr. Magnus Luzkov


+372 53 83 5772