AS Solbritt produces a wide range of dry adapted milk powders for infants. We follow strictly WHO recommendations and our production is certified according to ISO 9001:2015 and HACCP. 


Company has a strict quality control from raw materials purchased in Europe to the finished product of the latest international standards and regulatory requirements in accordance with Codex Alimentarius and WHO recommendations. Our brand NUPPI® is developed in accordance with EU regulations and all NUPPI products has HALAL certification. 


Main activity is the production of dry adapted milk powders for babies from birth up to three years.

We offer

• NUPPI standard – NUPPI 1 (0-6 months), NUPPI (0-12 months), NUPPI 2 (6-12 months);

• NUPPI premium - NUPPI GOLD 1 (0-6 months), NUPPI GOLD 2 (6-12 months), NUPPI GOLD 3 (1-3 years);

• NUPPI HA 1 (0-6 months), NUPPI HA 2 (6-12 months) – hypoallergenic!

• NUPPI AR (0-12 months) – anti-reflux!

• NUPPI LF (0-12 months) – lactose-free!

• NUPPI EMA - additional nutrition for pregnant and lactating mothers


The company operates in factory, which has 80 years of experience. 

Certificates: ISO 9001:2015, HACCP, HALAL.

Key advantages

  • Long-term experience 

  • Special composition 

  • Safe and secure 

  • High quality raw materials 

  • Approved taste 


Using the latest scientific developments, technological advances and buying only high-quality ingredients from the EU countries, Solbritt manufactures products for the most demanding and sensitive consumers - babies!

Jane Suits

Sales Manager

+372 5056035