Tallinn - The City Where the Future is Now!

Tallinn is Estonia’s biggest city and the country’s capital. Located on the Baltic Sea, Tallinn is the financial, industrial and cultural hub of Estonia, generating more than half of the country’s GDP, being home to a third of its population and to half of its companies. With an excellent geographical location in the Nordic-Baltic region, situated on a busy trading route between the East and West, the city provides access to 50 million consumers within 24 hours. 

Tallinn is a city that dreams big and delivers. As the economic hub of the country, the city meets its challenges with smart technology whilst also providing solutions to the international community. Nominated for the Intelligent Community of the Year 2020, Tallinn is open to discussions related to futuristic, long-term prospects – going beyond the self-driving cars and parcel delivery robots already legally traversing our streets.

There is no doubt that the sustainable society of tomorrow will be smart and digital, and Tallinn has made a name for itself as one of the world’s most technologically astute cities. Digital technologies and services form part of the daily lives of its people, resulting in efficiency and affordable communications. These technologies provide new products and services and access to large amounts of information and help the voices of ordinary citizens be heard.

The Capital of Wild Unicorns

Described as a tech powerhouse, Estonia has produced the largest number of unicorns per capita in Europe. Most of the country’s world-famous and future-oriented startups (including 7 unicorns) call Tallinn home, making the city one of the largest startup hubs in the region. 

The Green Tiger that Never Sleeps

Just as the Tiger Leap drove developments in the technology sector, the Green Tiger initiative seeks to show the way on green issues in Estonian society. The city’s well-preserved, pure, diverse and mosaic nature, as well as its highly ambitious green goals, have led the way to being selected as the European Green Capital of Europe 2023.

The Fairytale Capital


Tallinn possesses a unique combination of future and heritage. First suggested in 1154, it was granted city rights in 1248. It was a member of the Hanseatic League and developed as a strategic location for trade. A pearl of medieval architecture, its Old Town has been UNESCO World Heritage-listed since 1997.

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Mr Jaanus Vahesalu
Head of City Enterprise Centre



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