Tartu Smart City

Tartu, the second largest city in Estonia, is the centre of Estonian research and development with its internationally renowned universities and a city in constant motion, empowered by innovative changes with a substantial influence on citizens´ welfare and business growth. Tartu is a city that promotes innovation via competitive enterprises, being attractive to investors as well as facilitating entrepreneurship and knowledge-based production and services. Tartu has a strong network of business support organisations which work in close cooperation to develop the economic environment of the city. Long traditions and high competence in metalworking, electronics, ICT, wood processing and biotechnology have made our enterprises internationally competitive.

In a situation where many cities are competing with each other in the realm of technology to become “smart”, Tartu has always set its focus towards people. Tartu makes environmentally conscious decisions regarding its environment, industry, infrastructure and the health of its citizens. Various public space projects have been carried out in Tartu in order to improve the urban living environment of all citizens and visitors, reduce the carbon footprint of road users and increase the connection between the locals, visitors and their surroundings. Tartu’s aim is to be part of the global economy and culture, but at the same time maintain the city’s core values – cooperation, greenery, compactness, safety and sustainability. This gives Tartu a possibility to create the best city for its citizens to live in and for the guests to stay in.


Tartu will be the European Capital of Culture in 2024 with the leading theme of "Arts of Survival".

Tartu Smart City as the unique and inclusive business and living environment, a must-see tourist destination as the European Capital of Culture in 2024  

  • High-potential innovation and business environment - strong cooperation between universities, public sector and enterprises

  • Advanced e-services and no overbearing bureaucracy

  • Green, viable, modern and safe living environment (Tartu 2024, LivCom Awards 2nd place in 2019, Sustainable Destinations Top 100 by Green Destinations in 2020 and Green Destinations Story Award in the category of Environment and Climate in 2021)

  • High quality of education (PISA); University of Tartu (among the top 3% in the world); the existing science hub; strong and broad-based RnD capabilities; numerous specialised institutions 

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