united business connections

Yellow pages with all the Expo pavilion contacts?


Recently many pavilions have struggled in reaching out to others in the EXPO area. The e-Estonia Pavilion has developed a free solution to benefit us all. 

United Business Connections is first and foremost meant for all the pavilions to ease their connection needs. It`s an exclusive community where you can find the necessary information when in need of contact. 

Community open to participating countries at Expo 2020 Dubai only

a full circle

The portal will link and unite only the countries (and companies, when added) attending the Expo 2020 Dubai. 


This will be a community of Expo attendees as this solution will not be open to people not connected with any pavilion or with the event itself.

main features

  • Direct contacts to pavilions participating 

  • Users can filter participating (and added companies) according to the field of activity

  • Pavilions can add events to their calendars and monitor the calendar of others in order to track interesting topics and events happening during Expo

  • A free tool with no costs to participating countries 

logic behind the portal

  • Each country grants access and manages the calendar of their program and pavilion profile

  • All users can search for pavilions and see the contacts of organizations inserted

  • All users can see the calendar of events taking place in other pavilions

To make this initiative successful we need your help. This will only work if we all contribute by taking the time to add the necessary info to UBC. Get your access today by clicking the button on the right and sending an email to business@expo2020.ee (name, profession and pavilion).  

After the access is granted, a pavilion profile manager can add members and edit all the info linked.

The time to connect minds and change the future is now!

Daniel Schaer

Commissioner General of the Estonian Pavilion

EXPO 2020