Uku Pure Earth

Natural materials and a clean environment

UKU – Pure Earth produces 100% natural decorative finishing materials. Clay plasters, lime plasters, paints and putties, such as Stucco, Marmorino and Tadelakt are materials that have proven themselves over the centuries and are resistant to the harshest conditions.

UKU natural finishes are laboratory tested and are antimicrobial. UKU materials have been tested using both the EN and DIN standard methods and thus belong to the world's highest quality class. UKU materials are produced using solar power and do not contain VOCs.

In addition to materials, UKU offers competent consultations to develop suitable construction and finishing concepts, and to find natural finishing solutions for all surfaces.

Key points


  • UKU expertise finds aesthetically beautiful and energy efficient solutions.

  • 100% natural and antibacterial finishing materials with top quality.

  • Buildings finished with natural materials create a clean healthy environment for its users . Whether a home, office or a public space.

Mr. Martin Hütt

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