Autonomous robot coffe bar

Autonomous and AI-powered robot bartender "Yanu" is about to change the future of coffee bars and serving customers in busy venues around the world. It is fast, compact, standalone, asks no salary, communicates, identifies and takes payments. It is something that will cut your costs dramatically and will boost your business revenues to new heights.

The contactless robot coffee bar can deliver around a thousand coffee drinks in one refill, therefore being an efficient replacement to your regular bartender. It can be situtated outside or even in places where a regular bar couldn’t be built. The built-in AI makes it possible for the robot to even have a conversation with the client.

Key points


  • Contacless and safe.

  • Saves money on workforce salaries and expenses.

  • Mobile, compact, automatic.

Mr. Alan Adojaan

+372 51 07 723